About Me

My first job (I was six) was to take care of the family pets on our small farm in Missouri. One of them was a 250 pound pig named Armistice who was smart and gentle and fun. She didn't care if I rode her, if I didn't care where we went. I thought she was a boy until she had six piglets on my sixth birthday. I remember the surprise and the wonder of it all and yelling, "Six!" And I remember her happy look as if to say, "For you, kid." I couldn't have loved her more. Enough about me.

About This Website

This site is solely the work of a client and friend who is a genie with magic fingers. I think it positively glows with her touch. I am continually astonished, grateful, and proud. She reminds me of Margaret Mead: "I was wise enough to never grow up while fooling most people into believing I had." Please read her August "Letter to Jennifer" that she wrote for me when my server was hacked and my reader list was stolen (as in gone) for ways to protect yourself online.




About This Book-in-Progress

This book began when my niece Jennifer, who would be a great pet sitter, wrote to me asking about my work with animals. My answer to her most important question, "Do you think I'd be a good pet sitter?" was a resounding, "Yes, absolutely!" I was thrilled and these letters encouraging her became the high point of my writing life. This online book happened because I believe there are others like Jennifer who love animals, have an honest mirror, and who would see what great pet sitters they would be.




About This Fundraiser

My dearest dog friend Flower Jackson wasn't one year old when he was diagnosed with cancer. Flower's diagnosis, surgeries, and chemotherapy have threatened to bury his single mother in vet bills. It took $4,000 just to get the diagnosis. His last chemo was in January 2017 and since then his tests have all been normal every month. Flower is two now and bouncing off the walls with happiness, followed closely by his beloved playmate Rosie. He may get to have his whole life after all. I have been living with breast cancer for seven years; Flower has been fighting it every day of his life. They need help.

Please help. Send anything you can: Click here to support
Flower's Fund - Coton de Tulear by Jennifer Jackson

Picture of Flower

See more pictures of Flower and his playmate Rosie!

Thank You,
Suzi Schmidt