I love to play outside. You can see on my front legs where they've shaved me for my chemo.
Lounging around the living room is one of my favorite things.
My best friend and playmate, Rosie.
Chillin' with Rosie on our deck.
Sometimes I get so tired though.
And I still need more treatment.
Won't you help me live? Please send anything you can to support Flower's Fund - Coton de Tulear by Jennifer Jackson.

Flower's May 2017 Update

Thanks to my friends, family, and vet, I'm feeling much better now! I'm done with chemo and recovering nicely. But my mom still needs your help. Flower's Fund is still open and we appreciate any help you can give.

Everything makes me happy now, especially Rosie. I harass her without mercy and get away with it because she worships me!